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Top Featurers: 

  • Smart TDS Adjuster: RO purification removes essential minerals from water, Smart TDS Adjuster enables adjusting water taste as per source so that your purifier always gives natural sweet tasting water. This technology enhances taste and provides purified & healthy water for input water TDS upto 2000 ppm.In tank UV sterilization.
  • In Tank UV keeps stored water absolutely safe for drinking for longer duration by UV sterilization for 15 mins at every hour which means even with long power cuts you can have safe and healthy water at your leisure.
  • Mineral Cartridge/ Mineralizer: Mineraliser in the purification system ensures right level of essential minerals in water like magnesium, potassium etc. Magnesium boosts exercise performance, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, promotes bone health, and supports better sleep.
  • Copper infuser/ Copper 29 Cartridge: Copper in the purified water boosts immunity, aids weight loss and improves digestion.180* Dial Faucet makes it more convenient to dispense water and avoid water spillage. Purified water can be dispensed even without electricity.
  • Special Features: 2 Free Preventive Maintenance visits, 1Pc Free Sediment Filter, 1Pc Free Activated Carbon Filter (All worth Rs 2000).The water purifier comes with sleek design that fits & suits your kitchen and interactive LED Indications -Power On, Purification Process and Tank Full Indication

Livpure Pep Pro Grand RO+UV

    • Weight 6 kg
    • Dimensions MM (WxDxH) 29.5cm x 27.5cm x 50.5cm
    • Installation Type Wall mount
    • Storage Capacity 7L
    • Country of Origin India
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